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What can we help you with?

There are a number of phases to every furnishing project. We start by gathering information: what do you want to achieve with your new or modified interior? Do you want to bring about more teamwork, or would to like a furnishing that is more flexible in use? And what type of atmosphere do you have in mind? We can map all this out by means of various workshops and tools. This will allow us to realise the work, healthcare or educational environment in which you can achieve your goals and where everyone can be at their best. We can even create visuals of this environment so that you know what to expect, right down to the last detail. Gispen is also happy to share its expertise with you on sustainable and circular solutions.

The implementation phase is when the design becomes reality. If you need extra support, in project management for example, we are here to provide. We will ensure that you can enjoy your new interior for as long as possible. Conducting timely maintenance is an important aspect for making this possible. Gispen will also accommodate you should you need a custom solution in terms of (additional) furniture.

Gathering information